NeoDeck's Customer Service Department offers fast response and direct contact with the customer by bilingual technical and service related personnel. All updates to NeoMed are done automatically by using the NeoDeck Software Update service, which is installed on the server and monitors and install all updates to the software. All updates are available for the lifetime of the contract.

General Support Tools

Windows Installer Cleaner

Allows removing uncompleted or damaged installations of the software

Medicare Remit Easy Print (MREP)

Links to the First Coast page where you can download Medicare Remit Easy Printo to view HIPAA 835 files.

.NET Framework Cleaup Tool

Allows completly removing all versions of the .NET Framework so that a clean install can be performed.

Remote Technical Support

To contact technical support, please enter your name, click the button and follow the instructions, you will need to install a client on the computer and might require administrative permissions on your computer.

Please call 787-651-4444 to contact a support representative before clicking Contact


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