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NeoMed EHR 3.0 is the result of nine (9) years of system design and development. The end product has been strongly influenced not only by the requirements of standards of care but also the feedback received from our live testing sites, end user collaboration and adherence to the newly established procedures and protocols by the Department of Health and Human Services.

The system is user friendly, flexible and easily customizable. All data in NeoMed EHR 3.0 is coded using standard terminology such as SNOMED-CT. Data entry can be performed though point and click, direct typing and speech recognition (with optional equipment). Patient Health Information can be easily evaluated by encounter summary sheets, graphs, and quality performance reporting.

The individual patients records can be fully documented with scanned documents such as Laboratory Test Results, Consultations, Referrals, Ancillary Studies, Hospital Discharge Summaries, Health Insurance Cards, Photo ID’s, etc. NeoMed EHR 3.0 also tracks vital signs, laboratory results and other quality measures in graphical and summary form for easier historical evaluation of the patient’s profile. This data may also be imported to the patient record utilizing HL7 transfer protocol.

NeoMed EHR provides a full featured preventive care module that is installed with over 100 built-in guidelines. These guidelines can be fully customized to meet specific physician or practice needs. New guidelines can also be created, and they can use the following parameters: Demographics (such as age, pregnant status and sex), diagnostics, active medications, laboratory values and vital signs.

Built-in guidelines include immunizations (including all CDC immunizations), suggested studies for patients, disease management, and laboratory test alerts.

The system allows more than one user to access individual records at anytime, while working on different areas of the same record. Measures for record integrity are built-in, allowing for data usage concurrency management. NeoMed additionally provides other modules that allow remote access to record by using standards such as CCD.

NeoMed EHR 3.0 provides a built-in backup system that creates daily backups and is fully customizable. This system provides a way for the clinic to recover from any disaster in a timely manner. SQL Server also provides the capability to have two or more servers in a cluster, this adds the capability that in the event of a server failing, the other server will kick in immediately, preventing any down time.

NeoMed allows exporting patient records to standard CCD (Continuity of Care Document); these documents contain the full patient record, including all associated and scanned documents. We’ve developed our own sections under the CCD to include encounters and attached documents. The clinic can at any time could export all of its record to this standard format and use them to import them to another.

NeoMed among other intuitive features, include a meaningful use dashboard that allows the provider to see the current status of the meaningful use objectives in his/her practice and how close they are to achieving the goals. The dashboard utilizes existing system data to generate all the reports over time. Alongside this dashboard the new quality measures dashboard allows the provider to measure the quality given to patients based on established CMS guidelines.